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Floral design is just one aspect of what I do for a living. When I build weddings and events, the ideas and the concepts come from a deep passion of creating beauty based from the client’s words; endless depictions of how to encapsulate “pretty” for each individual client.


I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Lived in Nairobi, Kenya and Seoul, South Korea before finally settling to the US. It was a very huge adjustment working in New York and dealing with New Yorkers as your customers. Eventually, I understood the misconception about New Yorkers. That, or I developed a way (for myself) to tame them.


My floral journey began in May 2009. I had walked out of my current job at the time (they were about to go bankrupt therefore delaying employee paychecks for weeks). I had found an ad on Craigslist for Adore Floral and told them I was available for an interview at anytime. I showed up in a red coat and Chanel sunglasses (sorry for the brand name drop) that I later on learned was what got me the job; on top of my skills (I hope). I worked side by side with the owner, Chiyomi. I now run her shop and manage a staff of 10. I handle all events, weekly accounts and everything else that comes with being a retail florist.


The road to mastering the art of floral design has been (if I'm being honest) demanding, back-breaking, arduous but fulfilling. It taught me how to truly appreciate beauty, capture it, preserve it and share it. I understood this beautiful craft and as I learned the principles of design and the importance of it, I started to really grasp the essence of this pursuit.


My designs are inspired by ethereal beauty with touches of natural elements such as interesting greenery, grass or some dried elements to balance everything out. While there are a lot of trends going on right now, I want to stay true to how I visualize my work but also be relevant by incorporating a little bit of the trend into my designs.


I continue to learn new things every day. Since 2016 I’ve freelanced for companies such as Bows and Arrows in Texas, Natalie Bowen Designs in San Francisco, Wild Roots in LA, Bride and Blossom in NYC and Buds of Brooklyn in NYC. Keeping myself in check with design and installation work as well as developing relationships across the country within this industry builds confidence that I need in order to survive this competitive field.


Hoping to create something epic for your special event someday! In the meantime, please enjoy these photos. I aim to inspire the creative side of you as well. Let’s connect! Email me and come say Hi! I’d love to hear from all of you.